Dutch Snacks UK is a sister company of Mr Shakes Milkshake Bar which is located in Harrow, North-West London.  After selling CHOCOMEL from our Milkshake Bar for 4 years, we have now launched Dutch Snacks UK.

Through this website you can order your favourite Dutch food & drink and have it delivered straight to your front door! Dutch Snacks UK have imported products such as CHOCOMEL, LOOZA, MOGU MOGU, DUTCH FANTA, DUTCH CHOCOLATE, DUTCH COOKIES, CALVE PEANUT BUTTER AND COFFEESHOP ACCESSORIES.

At Dutch Snacks UK, we are very passionate about our products. We LOVE discovering new Dutch food & drink, we LOVE bringing it over here for you and we would LOVE to hear what you think of the products. We LOVE bringing you a taste of Holland!

If you feel we are missing a product you can’t live without, send us an email  or contact us on social media. We are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Follow us for new products, competitions and much more!

Welcome to Dutch Snacks UK!

Dutch Snacks UK is the first UK based online supermarket specialising in Dutch & American food & drink at affordable prices. Our range of popular products includes the very delicious CHOCOMEL chocolate milk, LOOZA juice drinks, MOGU MOGU juice drinks. We are the European distributors of Hemp2o. We have also stocked the most popular Dutch & American snacks which are not available in the UK. Chocolate covered OREOs, Fanta Cassis, Fanta Exotic, Fanta Berry, Fanta Strawberry the list goes on and on!